How will new users know if they have entered into the organization?

  • Whenever a new user is added to a site, Beacon automatically sends them an email prompting them to create their password and set up their account. 

Why can't I schedule documents?

  • Is the document unavailable in the scheduler?
    • The document may not be published, verify that the document status is "Active" under Manage > Documents.
    • If the document is published and currently active, the scope of the document may not include the desired location. Open the document and verify the scope in the Settings tab.
  • Can you proceed through the scheduler with the document, but receive an error after clicking Save?
    • There is likely a scope mismatch between the document and users. Verify that there is overlap between these.

Why aren't there any X-axis labels on my reports?
  • Many of the reports pull data from the "Title" fields in questions and documents, if these are left blank or are not unique the x-axis labels will not be useful.

Why isn't the site selector available?
  • The site selector is not available on all pages, ensure that the current page supports the site selector.

How do I utilize and view reports on multiple audit types?
  • Various audit types can be enabled under Admin > System Options > Org Settings. Once enabled they can be selected during document creation.
  • Reports for each audit type can be displayed on the reports page by selecting it from the category drop-down in the chart filters.

How do I download the Beacon app?
  • The Beacon app can be found in the Apple Store for iOS devices and is free to download. The Android app is still being developed but will be coming soon.

How do I perform offline audits?
  • You must have a connection to start an audit, however if connection is lost once the audit has begun, progress will be saved locally until a connection is reestablished.

Why am I getting errors when I try to import?
  • Ensure that the import template has not been altered from its base format. Do not remove any columns as this will cause the import to fail. If you have deleted columns, download a fresh template and retry your import.
  • There may be excess spaces or incorrect casing on some of the required fields, verify that the information conforms with the expected input for questions or users.
  • There may be duplicate tags in the system, verify that all tags are unique under Admin > Beacon Config > Tags.

Can I import existing paper audits into Beacon?
  • Users with the "Data Entry" label are able to take audits that were done by hand and enter them into Beacon. 

How do I set up my organization?
  • Your Organization is setup in the Admin settings. Here you will be allowed to set up sites, down to the granular levels of workcenters. You are also able to create and add users, layers, shifts, and scopes. 
What is scope? How do I use it?

Why do I need categories for my groups?
  • Categories are needed becuase you are not allowed to place new items solely in a group.

What are document approvers?
How do my auditors know they've been assigned an audit?
  • Auditors will recieve an email after they have been scheduled for an audit.

How do my managers know a non-conformance has been reported?

  • Managers receive an email to alert them of the non-conformance. Once they login to Beacon they can mitigate the non-conformance.

If I delete locations, will I lose my audits?

  • No. You can delete locations, users, documents, and questions and your historical audits will still be available and show up correctly in reports. We don't completely remove what you deleted; we keep it available for historical reports.

I am a Beacon user, why can I not log in to the mobile application?

  • If your account is set up in gov cloud, you will have to select '(GOV) Beacon Quality' option from the gear icon available at the bottom of the login page