Users can be imported into EASE via a .csv file, eliminating the need to add users individually.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Users.
  2. Click on the Import Users button

  3. Click "Template" to download the UserImportTemplate.csv file.
  4. Fill out the UserImportTemplate.csv, referencing the below chart for any questions. 
ColumnEligible ValueNote
Email address
TextRequired; Confirmation email will be sent to this email
First NameTextRequired
Last NameTextRequired
ScopeTextRequired; Must match a scope defined within your organization
DepartmentTextRequired; Must match a department defined within the current site
ShiftTextRequired; Must match a shift defined within the current site
Layer (LPA only)'L1(Supervisors)'/'L2(Managers)'/'L3(Executives)'Required; Must match a layer defined within the current site; Provided values are defaults, Reference Admin > Organization > Layers to ensure these match
Role 1'OrgAdmin'/'SiteAdmin'/'AuditAuthor'/'Auditor'/'Manager'Required; Must match a role defined in EASE
Role 2'OrgAdmin'/'SiteAdmin'/'AuditAuthor'/'Auditor'/'Manager'Optional; Must match a role defined in EASE
Role 3'OrgAdmin'/'SiteAdmin'/'AuditAuthor'/'Auditor'/'Manager'Optional; Must match a role defined in EASE
Role 4'OrgAdmin'/'SiteAdmin'/'AuditAuthor'/'Auditor'/'Manager'Optional; Must match a role defined in EASE
Role 5'OrgAdmin'/'SiteAdmin'/'AuditAuthor'/'Auditor'/'Manager'Optional; Must match a role defined in EASE

5. Save the file as a CSV UTF-8, then browse to and upload the file to import the users.

Note: Use this page to upload excel files in old format. How to Import old excel files to Beacon