There are several settings available for configuration of a document.

  1. Document Name - Description or Title
  2. Locations - Defines the scope of the document and what locations it can be run on.
  3. Organization Tier - Sets the tier of the org tree the document schedules audits against.
  4. Status – Identifies whether the document is:
    a. Draft - The document is in revision and currently being modified.
    b. In Review - This document revision is currently actively being reviewed by a list of document approvers.
    c. Approved - The changes have been signed off and approved by the document approvers
    d. Active - This revision is the current document being used and available to assign
    e. Inactive - This revision was once a live document, but is no longer being used.
  5. Alternate Manager - Option to choose owner of any mitigations assigned in this document.  If a manager is selected here, will precede any assigned managers at the location level
  6. Group Questions - Allows the grouping of questions under categories / headings for multiple questions per page.  See Grouping Questions below for additional information.
  7. Minimum Passing Score – Enabling this sets the minimum required point total to pass out of the maximum point values the document can receive from all scoring questions.
    *This setting is only available on non-LPA type documents
  8. Require Comments on Fail - If an audit question is failed, the auditor will be required to enter a comment.
  9. Validity Period - Specify a period of time that the document will be valid for upon passing.
    1. Typically for use with items that need to be checked on a semi-regular basis. (E.g. Fire Extinguishers, Elevators)
  10. Scheduling Maximums - Sets the maximum number of audits this document will schedule per layer on a given day.
    1. Layer frequencies are set in the layer settings.
        A. Trash Icon -  Deletes this document.
        B. Eye Icon- Unpublishes this document, making it unavailable to schedule for audits.
 Click here to watch the Document Settings tutorial.

Grouping Questions

The following are setup steps if the group questions toggle has been enabled.

  1. 1.On the document where the Group Question function is enabled, open the questions tab.

  2. Click on the existing group to add questions, or click Add Group to add a new group.
    • Note: After enabling Group Question functionality, all existing questions within the document will be grouped automatically under one group titled <None>. 
    • Questions in the <None> category have not been assigned to a group, but will still be asked when the audit is run.
  3. Questions can be added to groups via any of the standard methods: 
  4. Questions can be moved to a different group by clicking on the  icon next to the question and selecting a new group from the Question Group dropdown.

        5. Repeat for any questions you want to group together
        6. Submit the document when done