If you have completed your audit schedule and need to reassign one or multiple audits you can do this through the Reassign feature in the Assign section.First, click on the reassign icon in the upper right corner of the calendar page.

This will show you a list view of all your upcoming scheduled audits. As a note, completed or started audits are not available to be reassigned.

Each column will be able to be sorted (1) and or filtered (2) to be able to pare the list down to the necessary audits and auditors.

There is also a search bar (3) that can be used to find a name, location, or auditor.

Once you have filtered the information you can then select the required audit(s) needed to be reassigned by checking the box to the left of the Name column.

To select who to reassign the audit to you will use the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner.

And then select the save button in the bottom right corner.

The system will then confirm the audits were reassigned.

An additional option is to repeat the steps above but select none in the New Auditor box and this will allow you to make a deletion of only the selected audit(s).