Accessing the app


  1. Download the APP from AppStore or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your email (1) and password (2).
  3. Click Login.

Forgotten Password

If the password has been forgotten click on the “Forgot your password link” (3) and a new screen will open requesting the email associated with the account to be entered. The system will then send a link to reset the password.

Changing the Endpoint (Environment)

For GovCloud users please change the endpoint (4) and select (GOV) EASE, prior to entering your email and password.

Downloading/Starting an Activity

  1. From the My Activity tab (1) a user will see all the available activities (audits, mitigations or approvals) that have been assigned to them.
  2. To download the activity (mitigation, approval or audit) click on the downward arrow icon (2) on the right of the activity card.
  3. The icon will change from the down arrow (2) to a side arrow (3) allowing for the activity to be started. 

From here completing a task is the same as from a web browser.

Annotating Pictures

After capturing a picture in the app you can add annotations to highlight points of interest.

Along the bottom of the picture you will be able to:

  1. Use the square shape to outline an area.

  1. Use a circular shape to outline an area.
  2. Add arrows.

  1. Free hand write or draw with a finger.
  2. Add text.

  1. Change the color of items listed above (1-5).

Across the top of the screen are options to:

  1. Go back and attempt to capture another image.
  2. Undo the most recent edit (annotation).
  3. Redo the previous edit (annotation).
  4. Clear all annotations.
  5. Done - add the image to the audit.