We have been aggressively working on the Corrective Actions in Beacon. We have introduced a new opt-in option under the user profile page that would allow the users to use and give us feedback on the below features of corrective actions. 

P.S : This is a work in progress and is constantly being worked on. Please send us your feedback on support@easeinc.com

CA Reports

  1. You'll see a new tab in the reports area
  2. You can quick search by ID
  3. You can rearrange columns by clicking on the gear icon
    1. You can now add custom fields to the list
  4. You can add filters by clicking in the Filter icon
    1. We have filters for custom fields that require a selection
    2. Filters/search for text fields is coming in 1.30

New Corrective Action

  1. Initiate a new Corrective Action directly from the home page on any device (not available in the iOS or android Beacon app yet)

  2. New Corrective Action List View (Reports > Corrective Actions New)

    1. The List view now allows users to customize the order of the columns on the page (move the columns up or down on the settings pop-up) 

    2. Advanced Search feature (being worked upon) allows users to query more than one column with complex/variable operator values

      1. Date Columns have additional Search operator features like 'After/Before and Not Equal To' 

    3. New Improved UI, Quick Search feature, Displaying the number of filters applied and results generated