1. Navigate to the Beacon Home Page
  2. Select the menu or “hamburger” Icon
  3. Select Report from the drop down
  4. Select Corrective Actions
  5. Click the Plus (+) key, at the far right, to add a new Corrective Action document
  6. After clicking the Plus(+) key the New Corrective Action configuration will appear. Click the down arrow on the right side of Template to select a Corrective Action Template from those available. 
  7. Select appropriate template. If the required template is not available create new Corrective Action.  ((Add link to Create New Corrective Action Template))
  8. Complete the New Corrective Action form by filling in the fields as needed.
  9. Additional owners can be added by selecting the Plus (+) key next to the Corrective Action Owners Field.
  10. The date is added by selecting the Calendar icon to the far right of date due
  11. Attachments such as related articles, images or additional documentation may be added in the attachments section via either Drag and Drop or Browsing folders on the users machine.
  12. Click on Save at the bottom right to initiate the Corrective Action Event.
  13. The Corrective Action Event has been created and the primary fields will be displayed
  14. Within a few seconds the complete Event will be displayed.
    1. Notifications will be emailed to the Corrective Action owner, Approver and individuals with Tasks assigned within a Corrective Action.
  15. Within the Event the initiator may assign additional owners or approvers by clicking on the Plus (+) key then selecting additional owners or approvers.
  16. After clicking on the Plus (+) to add either or both owners/approvers a dropdown menu will appear with a list of approved individuals.
  17. Click on the name of the individual to add them to the owner(s)/approver(s). Multiple owners and approvers may be added by clicking the Plus (+) again. 
  18. New owners and approvers may also be removed by selecting the trashcan next to their name.  When the receptacle is selected Beacon will request confirmation of the removal.  Select Remove Corrective Action owner(s)/approver(s).
  19. Corrective Action Template may include preselected tasks which may not be removed from the Event, however additional Tasks may include by either the initiator or Owner as required during the Corrective Action Event by selecting the plus(+) to the right of the tasks header.
  20. After selecting the Plus(+) the Configure Corrective Action Task window will display. Please add the task title and Description as well as noting whether attachments, approval are required and if the next task owner should be notified.
  21. Tasks automatically default to the primary owner and approver. If a new owner or approver is required, select the dropdown in the Task Owner or Task Approver sections then select the new assignee.
  22. Ensure the document is saved after making changes or they will not be retained.

Closing Corrective Action Tasks


  1. As the user walks through a Corrective Action tasks should be closed to remove that task from open items and, if notifications are turned on, to insure the next task owner is notified.
  2. After selecting to close the task a summary will display confirming the task closure.
  3. When, and only when, all tasks are closed and those tasks requiring approval are closed may the Event be submitted.
  4. Ticket sample after approval:
  5. After all items are closed and approved submit button will become bright orange like the save button. The ticket may now be submitted.  
  6. After Submission, the ticket will be returned for full Corrective Action approval. At the bottom of the Corrective Action Event the Owner/Approver will see a new bar.  The Owner/Approver should review the Corrective Action documentation and determine if complete, provide comments and either reject or approve the Corrective Action.
  7. Process complete