Corrective Action Designation
Beacon Roles
Event Initiator
Site Admin
  1. Edit Corrective Action event fields
  2. Add Corrective Action event Attachments
  3. Edit Corrective Action event description
  4. Delete Corrective Action event
Event Owner
  1. Delete other Event owners
  2. Edit Event Tasks and Fields
  3. Add New tasks to the Event
  4. Re-open Tasks within Rejected Event
  5. Print an Event
Event Approver
Site Admin
  1. Delete other Event Approvers
  2. Add other Event Approvers
  3. Approve an Event
  4. Delete an Event
  5. Print an Event
NoteĀ : An event approver cannot approve a task and vice versa.
Task Owner
  1. Close a Task
Task Approver
  1. Approve/Reject a Task
NoteĀ : A Task approver cannot approve an event and vice versa.