Any user having the permission to create/edit documents can update, delete or edit questions within the document as well. 

Edit an Existing Question

  1. Under Manage>Documents, select a document 
  2. If the status of the document is not 'Draft', the status must be changed to draft by clicking on the 'Revise' button 
  3. Identify which question you would like to edit and click the icon
  4. Edit the Question and Response as you need, then click Save 
  5. A pop-up will appear with options for what type of update is occurring
    1. Minor- This will update the question in all documents effective immediately. No revision will be made to the document 
    2. Major- This will cause the documents with this question to go into the draft state. You will need to submit the new revisions for the changes to be implemented    
  6. Click OK.

Updating the Sequence of the Questions

You can also change the order of the Questions while the document is in Draft status by dragging the rows of the question with the icon below:

For your changes to take effect, click Submit for the document to change to Active Status.