Open Mitigations

The open mitigations page displays a list of all open mitigations with several columns of information.

  1. Export - exports a .csv file with the list of open mitigations and all current columns.
  2. Creates a mitigation and adds it to the list.

  3. Column Selector - Allows the addition and removal of columns to include the desired information.

Each mitigation can be opened for further details by clicking on the link in the question column.

All Mitigations

The All mitigations page functions largely the same as open mitigations with a few significant differences.

  • Open mitigations only shows currently open mitigations whereas all mitigations shows all mitigations to ever enter the system.
  • All mitigations can be filtered by date range to only display mitigations opened within a given time frame.

Sorting and Filtering

Each column can be sorted and filtered to display only relevant/targeted information.

  1. Sort - Clicking this button will sort all rows on the values in this column, it can be toggled between ascending and descending.
    1. Note: Only one column can be sorted on at a time.
  2. Filter - Clicking this button opens a list of items that can be filtered on, select the desired items to limit results to those selections.
    1. Note: Multiple columns can be filter on at the same time.