1. Hamburger Icon - Click this to open the main sidebar navigation.
  2. Pin - Pin the sidebar to keep it open at all times.

Navigating through Beacon will display the path at the top. At certain levels, parts of the path become interactable.

Both the arrow and the word will return you to the previously visited layer.

When logged into Beacon, clicking on the user name in the top right corner will open the following menu:

  1. Displays the profile of the currently logged in user.
  2. Log Out of Beacon.
  3. View the Terms of Use.
  4. View patch notes for the current version.

Most of the information on the profile page is display only, however there are a couple of items that can be changed. Information not editable here can be changed in (Admin > Organization > Users). 

  1. Language selection - changes the system language for the user. All system fields will be translated, however user entered information will remain in the language it was entered in.