In Beacon, Responsible Parties are assigned Mitigations and are tasked with closing them. There are a few areas where the Responsible Party can be established:

  1. Org Tree
    1. Navigate to Admin > Organization
    2. Click on the  icon in the Org Tree to assign a manager to that location. Managers assigned in this way will be the responsible party for any non-conformances found at that location.
    3. If shifts are enabled, a manager can be selected for each shift.
  2. Document Settings
    1. Open a document and navigate to the  tab.
    2. Set the Alternate Manager. The selected alternate manager will be the responsible party for all non-conformances created using the selected document. This overrides any responsible party set in the org tree.
  3. Question Details
    1. Navigate to Manage > Content > Question Library and edit a question.
    2. Click on the "Response" checkmark  at the top  right 
    3. Check the 'Alt Responsible Party" checkbox.
      1. If the responsible party dropdown is left blank, the auditor will be allowed to choose the responsible party from the list of available managers.
      2. Selecting a manager from the dropdown will assign any failures on the question to the selected manager.

Default Behavior

When a non-conformance is created, the default responsible party is based on the manager assigned to the location of the audit in the org tree. If there is no manager for that location, then Beacon looks up the tree to the parent tier for a manager. Beacon keeps going up the tree until it either finds a manager or reaches the top (Site Manager). If no manager is found, then the responsible party field is left blank but is a mandatory field. The auditor will have to choose a responsible party from the drop down menu to complete the audit.

Shift Behavior

If shifts are enabled, the non-conformance is assigned to the manager of the same shift as the user. If there is no manager for the shift of the user, then Beacon selects the first manager assigned to that location.