General mitigation settings can be found under Admin > Settings > Mitigation Settings.


When an audit check is failed it creates a non-conformance which is assigned to a manager who is responsible for taking steps to mitigate the issue.

Non-conformance behavior can be set on a per-question basis. Each question,has the following options which can be selected when editing.

  1. Off - A non-conformance is never created for this question, regardless of pass or fail.
  2. Optional - A fail on the question will not force a non-conformance, however one can be created at will.
  3. Required on Fail - A non-conformance is automatically created if the question fails.

When an audit is submitted with a non-conformance, several events occur:

  • An email is sent to the responsible party informing them of the non-conformance and prompting them to login to Beacon to close it.
  • A mitigation item is created that can be tracked on the Reports and Open Mitigations tab. 
  • A new entry is created under My Activity Panel for the responsible party.

LPA Specific Behavior

When an LPA check is failed, it requires the selection of a Failure Category and Mode

Default Mitigation Values

The following are the default mitigation values for each audit and response type: