In Beacon, failure categories and modes are used to let auditors specify the category of a failure. This information is displayed on the dashboard, and administrators can utilize it to implement corrective action on the most common failures. While Beacon has some default failure categories and modes, custom options can be tailored to the organization or site. It should be noted that failure categories and groups are utilized by LPAs only.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Manage > Content > Groups

  2. Click the to add a new group.

  3. Click on the name "New Group" to rename the group.

  4. Click on Create New Category to name and create a new category.

  5. Within the new category, click to add a failure mode. 

  6. Add a name for the failure mode and any identifying tags.
    1. Tags are utilized in sorting, searching and reporting.
  7. Once all failure categories and modes have been added, the new group must be selected in Admin > System Options.

  1. Save changes and the custom categories and modes will be available in audits.