When initially creating a document, it will be in a draft state. This is noted in the top right corner as seen below.

While in draft state, questions can be added to the document, once all changes have been made to the document, click .

A confirmation window will confirm that the intention is to make the document live. 

  • Note: If the document requires approval, it will not be made live immediately upon submitting.

The document will now show as Active.
  • Note: If the document requires approval, the status will show as In Review


  • Publishing a document allows it to be used in the scheduler and for ad-hoc audits.
  • When a document is unpublished, it is unavailable for use.


  • Draft- The document is in revision and currently being modified.
  • In Review- The document revision is currently being reviewed by the document approvers.
  • Approved- The changes have been approved by the document approvers.
  • Active- This revision is the current document being used.
  • Inactive- The document is unavailable for use.