Beacon scheduler lets you easily create recurring events for one or more users.

In order to get the most out of scheduling; managers need to answer these questions and follow the corresponding instructions.

  • Layers [Admin>Organization]
    • How often does each of your layers conduct an audit? Daily, Weekly, Monthly?
    • How many audits do they do? 1 per day, 2/day, 3/day? That number will be the Maximum.
  • Document Settings
    • Scheduling Maximums - How many time is this document assigned per layer? 

To schedule an event for a published document, click on the day you want the audit assigned. 

Or click on thebutton and input the following info into the scheduling wizard.

  1. What and Where

    1. Select the document(s) that you want to schedule.
    2. Specify a specific audit location, or
    3. Allow selection of random locations via the organization tier checkbox.
      1. When utilizing the organization tier checkbox, Beacon will randomly distribute audits across the specified level.
      2. Beacon will ensure that all locations at the specified level receive at least one audit before repeating a location.
  2. When
    1. Due Date - The date this audit will be due.
    2. Repeat - How often this audit will be scheduled.
      1. By Layer - This allows scheduling of different frequencies in same period based on the setup in Layers and Document Settings.
      2. Weekly- Assigners have the option to decide which days they want the audits scheduled for. 

    3. Start Window - The number of days before the due date that an audit can be started.
      1. An email will be sent to the user on the date the audit becomes available.
    4. Grace period - Dictates how many days after the due date the audit can be completed.
      1. Grace period must be enabled for each site in the system options.
  3. Who

    1. Check the boxes next to the users to assign audits to.
      1. Beacon can handle the heavy lifting of scheduling by removing the need to schedule each user individually. Check the box in the header to select all users and Beacon will randomly assign the desired audits across all users.
      2. If a smaller subset of users is required, check only the desired users.

Click Save

  • Scheduled audits will populate into calendar, segregated by document type
  • The user will receive an email on the first day that the audit can be completed, and another on the scheduled due date.